“Kristy came to our home to help us reorganize our office. We have lived in our house for 6 years and our office had become a catch-all for all items that we couldn’t find a home for. I work from home, and it had gotten to the point that the room stressed me out so much it was hard to focus.

Kristy was the ultimate professional. She had me take an honest look at what we had in the office and helped me to get rid of or rehome unneeded items. It was such a weight off my shoulders to watch the bags and boxes pile up for donations or trash. From there, Kristy measured every single inch of our space and found a home for every item in the room. She sent me a very thorough list of recommended storage and organization items, taking into consideration the amount of money I wanted to spend and giving options.

The finished product is beyond my imagination. Kristy helped to create the stress-free working environment that I was unable to create on my own and found us so much more storage space I didn’t know we had! Kristy’s attention to detail, professionalism, creativity in utilizing the space, and knowledge of organizational products is unparalleled. I plan to have her back to help us organize our baby’s nursery!”


“Kristy gave my guest room closet a total makeover. I used to keep the doors closed and just hoped that nobody would ever see it, now I’m showing everyone that comes over how organized and beautiful it is–it is now my favorite room in the entire house!

She was very professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. It was a relief to know a closet can be completely organized without having to buy/build all new shelving as some others would lead you to believe. I was very impressed with her creative ideas on how to store everything so that it was practical for everyday use.

I can’t recommend Kristy enough, she was absolutely delightful to work with. So looking forward to hiring her again!”


“After years of accumulation and many unsuccessful attempts to organize it all, I decided to seek out the help of a professional organizer. A friend of mine referred me to Kristy of KLP Organizing since she was thrilled with her services.

Kristy immediately put me at ease with her non-judgmental & positive attitude. She quickly assisted me with evaluating my current needs & implemented ideas to make the best use of my available space.

Now that my bedroom closet is completed, I get such a peaceful feeling upon walking into it. It’s like an oasis instead of the previous feeling that an explosion had taken place!

I’m looking forward to the next area to be worked on & have no fear knowing that my home will be in the very capable hands of KLP Organizing.

Kristy, I can’t thank you enough!”


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